Parman Energy Group is the premier equipment lubrication supply company. With more than eight decades of experience serving customers in some of the nation’s busiest hubs, you know Parman with be a reliable partner for all your lubrication needs.

Our sales and technical staff have the expertise to create the best lubrication solutions for your equipment. Our customers get the most from lubricants we provide systems that monitor product performance. Our capabilities include:

We are proud to support the Petroleum Quality Institute of America whose mission is to serve consumers of lubricants by testing and reporting on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace.

Commercial & Industrial

Depend on Parman Energy Group to deliver the quality lubricants and insights necessary to keep your operations and equipment running smoothly.

Markets We Serve

We maintain large inventories of a wide range of products. And our lubrication experts are always available to help you maximize your maintenance dollars.


Contact us to learn about these advanced systems that improve equipment performance and keep supplies at optimal levels:

Parchek Oil Analysis System

Go beyond preventive maintenance and actually predict equipment performance. Online access enables you to review your data, run reports, and discuss the results with a technical sales representative.

Tankeye™ Remote Tank Monitoring

The Tankeye system continually monitors your tank levels and dispatches a Parman Energy Group truck when supply gets low. Check your levels online anytime.
Among our technical sales staff, we have 12 STLE Certified Oil Monitoring Analysts and 9 STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists. Nine of our representative are also ICML Certified Machinery Lubrication Technicians. This extensive knowledge base assures our customers that they receive unparalleled technical support in training, product selection, and OEM warranty compliance. We offer lubrication surveys, storage and dispensing solutions, failure analysis, equipment reliability, housekeeping and industry best practices, and oil analysis program development and consultation.


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